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MXCuBE - Macromolecular Xtallography Customized Beamline Environment

The MXCuBE project started in 2005 at ESRF, with the objective of providing crystallography beamlines users an easy-to-use software platform to run their experiments. In 2010, a collaboration agreement has been signed for the development of MXCuBE between the major synchrotron facilities in Europe.

Today MXCuBE is actively supported by the following partners: ESRF, Soleil, MAX IV, HZB, EMBL, Global Phasing Ltd, DESY, ALBA.



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Latest stable version is 2.3.1

For the latest developments see master branch

For questions, bug reports and feature requests use issue page

Last meetings

13th. MXCuBE meeting @ Elettra (Trieste, Italy), 11-13 September 2018

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Status reports

MXCuBE developement highlights

MXCuBE refactoring

Minutes and reports

12th. MXCuBE meeting

Organised by Global Phasing (Cambridge, UK)

Held at Diamond (Oxfordshire, UK)

January 31st - February 2nd, 2018

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This MXCuBE meeting was held together with the ISPyB meeting, with the following, joint Agenda

This time the meeting was organised on different lines to previous years, as proposed by Global Phasing (see Proposal), to put more emphasis on the scientific goals of the project and on how to make them feed through into the development priorities and the coordination of activities (see Background and suggestions).

Full list of presentations

Status reports

MXCuBE development highlights

Evolving scientific capabilities at beamlines and in MXCuBE

The MXCuBE collaboration in action

Minutes and reports

11th. MXCuBE meeting @ SOLEIL (Saint-Aubin, France), 12th-14th of June, 2017

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Status reports

  • ESRF – Antonia BETEVA
  • ALBA – Jordi Andreu
  • HZB – Michael Hellmig
  • MAXIV – Jie Nan
  • Soleil – Martin Savko
  • EMBL-HH – Ivars Karpics
  • Global Phasing – Gerad Bricogne
  • Daniele/Matias – MXCuBE : Past, present and future

Hardware integration

  • Matias GUIJARRO - FlexHCD Sample changer integration
  • Martin Savko - Optical recognition of samples in cryogenic dewars
  • Michael Hellmig - Integration of the GROB into BL 14.2 beamline

Last developments

  • Ivars Karpics - Qtx GUI: current status and latest developments
  • Jie Nan - Users interfaces Last developments of v2/v3
  • Olof Svensson - Pipelines at ESRF
  • Rasmus Fogh - Third party control of an experiment via MXCuBE
  • Marcus - MXCuBE3@ESRF
  • Ivars Karpics - Embedding state persistence and user guidance in MXCuBE

10th. MXCuBE meeting @ ESRF (Grenoble, France), 16th-18th of January, 2017

Full list of presentations

Status reports

Hardware integration

User Interfaces

Scientific applications

Developers meeting

9th. MXCuBE meeting @ EMBL (Hamburg, Germany), 27th-29th of June, 2016

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Photo credit: Rosemary Wilson (EMBL Hamburg)

MXCuBE collaboration is expanding and three potential newcomers joined the meeting:

  • Elettra sychrotron, Italy
  • LNLS, Brazil

Other highlights

  • Announcement of Qt3xit: all development on Qt4 and web GUI
  • First experiments and diffractions with MXCuBE web version at MAXIV
  • Qt4 version of MXCuBE deployed at HZB and in testing at ALBA and DESY
  • Developers workshop to improve co-development

embl group photo

Photo credit: Alejandro De Maria Antolinos (ESRF)

Full list of the presentations

Status reports

New developments & progress around MXCuBE

8th. MXCuBE meeting @ ALBA (Barcelona), 1st-2nd of December, 2015

alba group photo

Re-enforcing the collaboration spirit in Barcelona, MXCuBE has wind in the sails:

  • new interleave data collections
  • Qt 4 version is ready for beta-testing
  • MXCuBE 3 development has started, first version to be ready for June 2016

Article about MXCuBE on the ESRF newsletter can be found here (page 14).

Full list of the presentations


New developments & progress around MXCuBE

7th. MXCuBE meeting @ HZB (Berlin), 1st-2nd June 2015

hzb group photo

During two sunny days in Berlin we all met to discuss about ongoing work in our collaboration and to establish a roadmap for the future.


  • A Qt4 version of MXCuBE is in the pipe, thanks to the work of Ivars Karpics at EMBL Hamburg
  • A kick-off meeting will be organised between MAX-lab and ESRF in September to start the work on MXCuBE 3, that will result in a web application
  • EDNA becomes part of MXCuBE
  • A MXCuBE 2 paper is in preparation
Upcoming meeting

Next MXCuBE meeting @ MAXIV (Lund, Sweeden), March 2019

Developers meetings

Developers’ Committee meetings

The Developers’ Committee started a series of monthly web meetings in Feb 2018, to plan and coordinate code reorganisation: